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Official Internet Beatles List

Subject: Official Internet Beatles List
From: (David Haber)
Date: 4 Nov 1996 23:03:02 -0700

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Beatles Web Sites:

Adam Anklewicz' Beatles Page
Laerte Andrade's Beatles Theme Page (English and Portugese)
Adam Anklewicz' Beatles Page
Mike Bauman's Beatles Page
Alan Braverman's Beatles Page
Joe Brennan's Beatles Page
Jennifer Bunk's Beatles Page
Enrique Cabrera's Beatles Page (Eglish and Spanish)
Lee Carter's Beatles Page
Scott Chatfield's Beatles Page
Ross Clement's Beatles Covers database
Steve Clifford's Beatle Page
Maurizio Codogno's Beatles Page (English and Italian)
Chris Collier's Beatles Page
Sean Courtney's Beatles Bootlegs Page
Heather Dorsey's Beatles Page
Tim Dwelle's Beatles Bubblegum Page
Darren English's Beatles Cartoon Page
Peter Erickson's Beatles Page
E.J. Farr's Beatles Page
David Fell's Free As A Bird Page
Nicola Gambetti's Beatles Page
Wes Garten's Beatles Lyrics and Album Covers Page
Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Page
Dave Haber's Beatles Album
Dave Haber's Rutles Home Page
Adam Hirsch's Beatles Page
Jamie Hoover and Michele Olson's Beatles Page
Jason Iu Kwan Hang's Beatles Page
Richard Joly's Official Ono-Net Page
Kevin Kane's Beatles Recordings Page
Mikko Kangasjärvi's Beatles Discography
Jonas Karlsson's Beatles Home Page
Jonas Karlsson's Backwards Beatles Page
Steve Karsch's Beatles Page
Clay Kawski's Bring Back The Beatles Page
Rich Kneeland's May Pang Interview Page
Dario Laverde's Beatles Cafe
Håkan Lindström's Beatles Page
Paul Maclauchlan's Beatles Behind The Scenes Page
Thomas MacMullen's Beatles Pictures Page
Steve Marinucci's Beatles Page
Mike Markowski's Beatles Page
Thomas McCullen's Beatles Files Page
Marcel Meijer's Beatles Page
Warren Melnick's Beatles On The Web
Arthur Morris' Beatles Page
Roman Muszynski's Beatles A La Carte' Midi Page
Ahmad Nazri's Singapore Beatles Page
Sam Padgett's Beatles Page
Dana Pannell's Karaoke Beatles Page
Raenna Peiss' Beatles Page
Gabe Perlmutter's Beatles Page
Gabor Peterdi's Beatles Page (Hungary)
John Pignata's Beatles Page
George Rath's Beatles Guitar Tabs Page
Karim Ratib's Beatles Covers Page
Steve Roberson's Beatles Page
David Robinson's Beatles Index
Jacob Robinson's Beatles Page
Mike Rolig's Beatles Discography Page
Jesse Russell's Beatles Page
Jukka Salo's Beatles Page
Hiro Satou's Beatles Page (English and Japanese)
Robert Seely's Beatles In Canada Page
David Shorr's Beatles Page
Catherine Stanton's Julian Lennon Page
Will Stringer's Beatles Page
Takumu Tada's Beatles Page
Ryan Van Dyke's Beatles Page
Peter Van Schie's Beatles Page
Stefan Ventura's Beatles Sounds Page
Robbie Wall's Sgt. Pepper House
Ralph Weigmann's Beatles Page (English and German)
Rick Williams' Home Page
Robert York's Beatles Page
The Beatledom Web Page
The Free As A Bird Page
Garp's Beatles Live and Session Page
The Internet Underground Beatles Guide
The Official Home Page
The Official Yoko Ono Home Page
The Pepperland Sgt. Pepper Archive
Rama's Magical Mystery Tour Page

American Movie Classics Film Preservation - A Hard Day's Night
The Arrow 93 FM Beatles Info Page
The Chicago Reader - Lewisohn's Recording Sessions
The Death of Rock 'N Roll by Jeff Pike - Dead Beatles
EMI Online: The Beatles Anthology 2 (Dutch)
FAB 105FM - All Beatles All The Time Live On The Internet
The History Of Rock N Roll - George Martin Interview
The Internet Movie Database Beatles Index
The KCRW Real Audio Beatles Page
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
Ottawa Beatles Fan Club and Newsletter
The PA Beatles Press Photos Archive
Printed Matter - The Beatles by Alan Kozinn
Radio Free Liverpool - Live At The BBC review
The Rock & Roll Minor Planets Page
Shepard Express - Yoko Ono Interview

John Lennon Web Sites:

Sam Choukri's John Lennon Page
Akira Hangai's John Winston Ono Lennon Page
Imagine's Lennon Page
Instant Karma Online
Original John Lennon
Time Warner Electronic Publishing - The Murder of John Lennon

Paul McCartney Web Sites:

Chris Cushman's Paul Is Dead Page
Harald Gernhardt's Paul McCartney Page
Aaron Gill's Paul McCartney Page
Andrew Krieg's Macca Discography
The Paul McCartney Photo Web Page

George Harrison Web Sites:

Benedict O'Mahoney's George Harrison He's So Fine Page
Hari's On The Web George Harrison Page

Ringo Starr Web Sites:

Gary Shultz' Ringo Page
Musicplex - Ringo Starr Interview

Beatles Anthology Web Sites:

Capitol Records - Anthology III
Capitol Records - Anthology II
Life Magazine Beatles Anthology Page
WVEC TV 13 - ABC Beatles Anthology Info

Beatles Tribute Bands:

The Apple Pies - Beatles Tribute Band in Italy (Italian)
Desert Beetles - an album of Beatles covers
Help! - New England area Beatles Tribute Band
The Moptops - Los Angeles area Beatles Tribute Band 

Beatles For Sale:

Flat Black Records
Imagine - The John Lennon Store
Legends For Sale - Beatles Posters
Alan Lowell's Beatles For Sale Page
The Liverpool Postcards Page
Masterworks - Unpublished John Lennon Photos
Pepperland Music
Record Collector Web Page
Ticket To Ryde

Beatles FTP sites:

Bob Clement (Bobcat) - Beatles Archive
Maurizio Codogno - Mirror of Bobcat in Italy
University Of Wisconsin - Beatles pictures

Other Musical WWW Pages:

David Bradley's Klaatu Home Page
John Cirillo's Rory Storm and the Hurricanes Page
Ross Clement's London Record Store Faq
Sean Courtney's Beach Boys Page
George Handlon's Shonen Knife Nexus
Roger Linder's Todd Rundgren Page
James Reed's Oasisteria
Chip Rowe's Spinal Tap Page
Aaron Schab's Badfinger Page
Mark Schnitzius' Elvis Costello Home Page
Roger Smith's Harry Nilsson Home Page
Brad Wadell's Monkees Home Page
The Death of Rock 'N Roll by Jeff Pike - Badfinger
EMI Online (Dutch)
EMI Parlophone Records
The History Of Rock N Roll
The Move Home Page
MPL Communications
The Official Badfinger Page
Ultimate Band List (formerly the Web Wide World of Music)
VIP Busters E-Mail and Fan Club Page
The VOX Showroom
The Roy Wood Home Page
Gary Wright's Dream Weaver Page

Other Musical Newsgroups: 

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