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A quick Beatles bio

Subject: quick beatle bio
From: (JK Toronto)
Date: 12 Mar 1996 19:57:30 -0500

By: JKToronto

From their roots in Liverpool, England, The Beatles rose to the top
of rock and roll in America. They were stars by their early
twenties. On February 9, 1964, the Beatles entertained 73,000,000
Americans with their performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." However,
the Beatles began much earlier than that when John Lennon was 16
years old.

In 1957, John formed a band called The Quarry Men. His band played a
particular kind of music called "Skiffle." Skiffle was England's
version of American "Jug Band" music. Paul McCartney, George
Harrison, and Pete Best later joined John's group. They changed the
name of their band, in 1960, to "The Silver Beatles." Later they
became simply "The Beatles." They were discovered by a record store
owner, Brian Epstein, while they were playing in Liverpool's "Cavern
Club", a hang-out for teenagers. Brian became their manager. Before
Brian, The Beatles made very little money playing American music. At
that time, they were just starting to write their own songs.

Brian soon realized that Pete Best was not a very good drummer and
he was fired. Brian immediately found the replacement he was looking
for. A young man, by the name of Richard Starkey, was the drummer for
"Rory Storm & the Hurricanes." Brian hired him to replace Pete.
Richard Starkey became better known as Ringo Starr because he
sometimes wore rings on as many as eight fingers.

The Beatles still faced many obstacles. Brian could not find a
record company that would record them. Everyone thought that The
Beatles either had no talent or were a fad that would quickly pass.
Parlophone Records eventually gave them a chance and produced their
first single on October 5, 1962, called "Love Me Do." By 1963, The
Beatles had a string of hit songs and even performed before the
Queen of England! In 1964, they shot their first movie, "A Hard
Day's Night." It was very popular and was followed up in 1965 by
another movie. Their second movie was originally called "Eight
Arms to Hold You." However, the title was changed at the last
minute to "Help!

On August 15, 1965 The Beatles returned to America and met Elvis
Presley. They played their last American concert at Shea Stadium. By
1966, The Beatles quit playing live concerts altogether. During the
next two years, they released three of their most popular albums;
"Rubber Soul", "Revolver", and the ever famous "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely
Hearts Club Band." It was in this period of their career that they
starred in a world-wide television program called "Our World." In it,
they sang the song "All You Need Is Love."

After the death of Brian Epstein in August of 1967, The Beatles began
to have problems. Although they continued to pave the way for all
other groups to follow, they began to grow in different directions.
These musical differences caused the group to start to split apart.
About this time, George Harrison introduced the other members to East
Indian music and spirituality. With no manager to lead them, the
Beatles formed their own company called Apple Corps. They produced a
third film, "Magical Mystery Tour." It had a wonderful soundtrack but
the film itself was a failure.

By May of 1969, The Beatles were breaking up. On January 30, 1969,
they played together live for the last time, singing many songs, on
the roof of the Apple Corp. building in London. Scenes from this
free concert were included in the documentary "Let It Be." In
September, John announced he was leaving the band. Later on April
10, 1970, Paul did the same. Their last film, "Let It Be", premiered
in London that May. None of the former Beatles attended.

The Beatles all went on to have successful solo careers. George did
many fund raising concerts for the poor. Paul formed a new group with
his wife, Linda, called "Wings." Ringo continued to tour, starred in
many movies, and eventually became the train conductor for the
television show called "Shining Time Station." John recorded many
records with his wife, Yoko Ono. Over the years, fans continued to
hope for a Beatle reunion. Their dreams were cut short when John
was murdered outside of his apartment on December 8, 1980.

In 1995, the surviving Beatles finally did have that reunion. They
came back together with old forgotten tapes of John Lennon, and in
the studio they added their voices and instruments to record new
songs such as; "Free As a Bird" and "Real Love." They also
produced a three-part television show which aired in America in
November, 1995. Their first new album in more than twenty years
immediately went to number one on the charts, proving once again
they were the greatest rock group of all time. The Beatles from
1963 until 1996 have sold more records, CDs, and have had more top-
ten hits than any other group in history including Michael Jackson
and Madonna. They were truly musical legends. Anyone wishing to
know more about The Beatles short but famous career can find
numerous books and recordings at the public library, bookstores,
and music stores.

Hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to use, just give me writing credit.

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